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How to solve the problem of stainless steel mesh belt is too wide can arch the back __ metal wire mesh products co. , LTD

With stainless steel mesh belt, as the carrier, the chain drive, long service life, in the food industry, chemical industry, glass industry plays a great role, but the mesh belt dryer has long have short, small 1 - 2 meters, big, big dryers used in the stainless steel mesh belt, usually more than 2 meters of width, because net belt has its own weight, in combined with the weight of the material. Density again good mesh belt specifications also can appear to the center of bending, as is the most common subject and customer's attention, today we will solve the method to explain the subject? According to the environmental situation can add support wheel. Equipment can be fixed on the supporting wheel can be used directly without support frame support wheel. Stainless steel mesh belt rack reciprocating run on support wheel. If equipment cannot be fixed on the supporting wheel, can be used with a support frame support wheel, supporting wheel fixed on the support frame, stainless steel mesh belt rack reciprocating run on support wheel. Can use the guide groove. Groove is made up of five parts: the standard length of side guide wall, groove Angle steel connection. Install screws, bottom groove, slide assembly. The slide assembly is divided into several kinds: nylon wheel, steel sliding board, plastic sliding board. So much guide groove is divided into three kinds of response. Nylon roller guide groove, slide strip steel plate groove, groove 3 with plastic sliding board. Due to the environment without permission cannot use the above two kinds of support, can use the built-in enhancement reinforcement situation.
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