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How to prevent the stainless steel wire mesh is not blocked? When filtering background in nutrition is greater than 5 one hundred percent, without any conditions for material disposal, boring to deal with the screen surface of stainless steel wire mesh, mesh as boring sex selection. When nutrition is greater than 8 one hundred percent when, should choose wet sieving. The sheet-shape grains more material, the demand changes to the material crushing method and different particle size distribution of the crushing method process. Local number because of the large demand for screening material particles is irregular, so the blocking reason is vivid. When particle size is fine, shale content more, more hours and sieving particle size, nutritional ZuGeng for stainless steel wire mesh is works on sex. Is easy to incur in the process of using stainless steel wire net hole ZuGeng, reason has the following points: the spherical particles or have much contact material of stainless steel wire mesh hole, simple and easy it is due to the size of the contact surface or object appearance is big, the contact point; Impurities congestion, filter material is rich in many particles near the stainless steel wire net hole volume. Things simple understanding is filter diameter size and the mesh size is almost complete, so it is easy to get stuck mesh material with fibrous material; Shape particles more; From stainless steel wire net hole blockage. Thick stainless steel wire mesh, aperture scheme is not reasonable, failed to reach the small big rules under the request, and make the particles get stuck.
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