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How to judge for scrap in use crane steel wire rope

Tower crane steel wire rope in use process to determine how to void hoisting machinery within a twist pitch wire rope broken wires up to 10% of the total number of wire rope. Such as wire rope 6 * 19 FC = 114, when up to 12 wire broken wires or update should be invalid, such as wire rope 6 * 37 FC = 222, when broken wires for 22 silk or update should be invalid. For the thickness of wire rope, the calculation of broken wires is a root is a filament, raw silk is a 1. 7 root. Steel wire radial wear or corrosion amount more than 40% of the original diameter should be scrapped, when less than 40%, according to rules reduction broken wires. Hoisting machinery hoisting hot metal or dangerous goods as a number of waste steel wire rope, take the general crane with a half of wire rope invalid specification, in conjunction ISO2408 ( General use rules in the norms of the wire rope features 'structure of wire rope, obsolete broken wires should press GB5972 - Rules for implementation in 86. The whole strand rupture should be invalid. When the wire rope diameter relative to the nominal diameter decreased 7% or more, even if not found broken wire, the wire rope should be scrapped. Hemp core leakage shall be invalid. From professional network cable, wire rope has obvious corrosion should be scrapped in cage state local outer wire elongation shall be invalid, the wire rope in contrast GB597286 typical example may be present, those who damage the same with the picture should be scrapped.
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