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Also called steel net, steel net with high precision, small error, good quality, etc. Steel is a kind of welded steel mesh network products, within a certain distance are arranged in a certain distance, and within a certain distance at right angles to each other, all the intersection of welded together, strong stress resistance. Steel mesh is mainly used in coal mine roadway, concrete pavement and bridge deck pavement, airport runway, tunnel lining, building floor, roof, wall, floor, concrete pipe pile, the protection of reinforcement, etc. Welded steel mesh by factory strictly control the quality. Intelligent production line has been built. Size, steel mesh specifications, strict quality control. Avoid the hook. It is powerful for ligation. The work is to make a mistake, in the case of a cut. The mesh is a large steel. Good elasticity. Distance is uniform and accurate. Welding of high strength. Therefore, the project quality has been greatly improved. Steel grid of longitudinal and transverse reinforcement form a mesh structure, and the concrete has good anchorage performance, uniform load distribution, and improve the seismic performance of reinforced concrete structures. According to the practical test, laying welded steel mesh can reduce more than 75% of the cracks. Circular reinforced design strength of 210 n/was, strength of 360 n/was reinforced grid design. According to the principle of equal strength alternative considering the comprehensive factors, using the steel wire can save more than 30% of the reinforcement. And steel net after processing after the transportation to the site, so there is no loss.
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