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By using magnets to identify true and false of stainless steel quality is obviously not enough, that is there any other practical easy way? The answer is yes. In this introduces a simple method, which USES stainless steel fluid identification, is by observing the determination of liquid in the process of dissolving the test steel produced characteristics to determine or distinguish the color change of the measured steel. 'color changes often and measured the nickel steel ( 倪) , molybdenum, Mo) , manganese, Mn) Such as specific elements. Stainless steel currently on the market in our country there are a lot of determination of liquid products, has imported from Japan and other countries, there are also many is domestic. Especially in stainless steel industry in our country and the stainless steel scrap recycling industry is relatively developed areas, while some previously engaged in chemical technology, the chemical enterprise, also to meet the needs of the stainless steel industry has developed the stainless steel liquid. At present, the determination of stainless steel fluid while the brand is numerous, but the product seems to be the same, basically can be divided into don't need a battery and need to be with two kinds of the battery. Don't need a battery that is often not subdivided, mainly through watching determination of droplet in the changes of the color of the stainless steel surface, again by chromatography. As the market is known as' 304 ', it marked with four standard color corresponding to the four kind of stainless steel grades - - 201, 202, 301, 304, 201 of them corresponding deep red, 202 correspond to red, 301 corresponding light red, 304 corresponding colorless or light yellow. These color refers to when experimenting on the determination of liquid steel grade corresponding respectively presents the color. On the market, there are many kinds of liquid is measured by the battery such as' Mo2, low Ni, Ni2, Ni4, Ni6, Ni8, Ni14, Ni20, Ni40, Ni60 'and so on, some products on the logo' N 'instead of' Ni. Alone or together with these products can be used to measure of nickel in steel ( 倪) , molybdenum, Mo) , manganese, Mn) The general content of the corresponding element such as ( The percentage) , then according to the standard content to distinguish bad of actor of true and false of the steel. 'Ni8' determination of fluid, for example, when using the right amount of first 'Ni8 medicine water droplets on the clean steel on the surface, and then will have enough power battery ( The general is 9 v, vendors can placement) Of the anode plate, on the surface of the cathode by Shanghai 'Ni8 medicine bead ( Be careful not to come into contact with the steel surface) , after a few seconds to stop electricity to see the color change of the steel surface medicine bead, if the color red, suggests that nickel in steel at 8% or more, or medicine bead colors will become yellowish or unchanged.
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