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Stainless steel and other materials exposed to the atmosphere, the stainless steel will be dirty. The next lecture will analyse the design factors affect the cost of maintenance and cleaning. But, in the rains washed out, washing and have dirty artificial surface there is a relationship between. Stainless steel wire mesh factory is introduced stainless steel rust cleaning method directly by the same panel in the atmosphere, where a tent to determine the effect of rain. The effect of artificial irrigation is by artificial sponge with soap water scrubbing every six months the right of each panel. Results found, and where a tent and don't wash, compared to the slats of scrubbing through the rains washed out and artificial remove surface dirt and debris has good effect to surface conditions. But also found that the surface processing conditions may also be affected, and smooth the surface of the strip is better than the rough surface of concrete. So wash time interval is influenced by many factors, the main influence factors is required by the aesthetic standards. Although many stainless steel curtain wall is just in the brush to wash the glass, but, in general, for outside of the stainless steel washing twice a year. Work in Windows and doors, popular a word called king kong, king kong gauze net is one of the guard against theft. Refers to the gauze with king kong net as yarn net yarn network. Of security protection, easy to open to facilitate escape, easy to care, resist ultraviolet radiation. People called king kong network, because of its high hardness, strength, strong resistance to stress the characteristics of the first introduce our king kong net. King kong network itself is a kind of stainless steel net, there is a price on the market are cheap, is made of steel net. Assuming that the net to your home, in the long run, it will rust, even large fall rust slag. Assumption is that the yarn of stainless steel net, the magnet is adsorption, hypothesis is that the iron net, the magnet will be on the adsorption and the yarn of stainless steel net in fact, there are good and bad, good is 304 stainless steel wire mesh material, difference is the material of stainless steel 201, 201 manganese content is higher, the surface with a dark bright color, high manganese content in brief of rust. 304 containing chromium is more, surface is matte, not rust.
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