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What are the material of stainless steel stainless steel screen mesh resolution to the material of stainless steel stainless steel screen mesh should be to choose the material of SUS304. But there are many bad manufacturers to reduce costs to use material 201 stainless steel to instead of the 304 stainless steel. 201 and 304 from ordinary people is difficult to distinguish from the naked eye. Stainless steel filter in order to prevent more bad manufacturers continue to deceive our vibrating screen users, disrupted the market order, this will affect the users to use and production. Material discrimination method: cr17mn6ni5 chemical formula is 1, 304 is the chemical formula of 06 cr19ni10; They are the main differences between nickel chromium element, stainless steel 201 is 17 chromium nickel chromium element contains 5 6 manganese element, 304 is 19 10 nickel chromium elements. So will cause them in color, corrosion resistance, acid-proof alkaline, toughness and a lot of difference. From the point of color, because the 201 stainless steel containing manganese element will be more than 304 dark color, and 304 to white. In corrosion resistance, due to containing manganese element 201, for a long time will rust in humid or high salt environment, and 304 not containing manganese element, so will not rust. In acid and alkaline, 201 because the content of nickel element is small, acid-proof alkaline can not 304. From 304 toughness, better toughness, 201 than 304 hard brittle, stainless steel filter experiment with hard strokes the knife, on the surface of 201 after a stroke will have obvious scratch, and the surface of 304 there would be no apparent Nick.
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