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The thickness of the sieve plate is directly related to the structure of the sieve plate and grinding molding and the interval between sieve plate. Use some refer to the information in the screen, screen should be according to the standard specification of homework, to arrive at net surface quality. Degree of flatness. Screen to implement activity-based necessary according to the use of the standards, build promote appearance appearance material thickness, looks selected net of grinding the things they press strength should adhere to the appearance of network quality appropriate quality maintenance guidelines. Apply some of the selected criteria of the use of the use of standard rules apply to buy the building standards should be in accordance with the shape of the mesh grid and set the shape of the grid panel, such as the use of fault line, the layout and the other on the network performance of complete the whole channel. Set up the outstanding construction standards. Appeared on some of the original data to baked goods, such as selecting materials operation technology of materials used in the operation, should be selected cabbage as a suitable recommended value of the stainless steel plate to a certain environment. Sieve plate material is stainless steel, manganese steel plate, aluminum plate, low carbon steel plate, iron plate, aluminum alloy plate, etc.
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