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How to design the size of the screen (metal wire mesh products co. , LTD

Screen the weight calculation is based on the diameter of the wire intrusive, net of intrusive, mesh length and the width of the net to accounting. Using some sieve screen mesh surface can performance norms, is directly related to the weight of accounting standard component, materials and production process specification. Specification use guidelines apply any project should be combined with the requirements of correct use sign out of any value, can be absorbed in a class hierarchy on the operation, able to label scheme used some data needs hierarchy, this is in a hierarchy. All of which demand accurately produce web performance requirements. Produced in the process of difference is the difference between the length and the length of raw silk, of warp and weft yarn diameter are used to specify the grid scale range. Network salon showed greater use guidelines. The habit of different procedures, such as wire diameter size, mesh size, manufacturing process, yield loss, such as weaving, direct resolution mesh component of accounting norms.
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