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How to deal with the stainless steel surface (metal wire mesh products co. , LTD

by:Candurs     2020-07-24
Stainless steel surface to suspend the processing method of many, generally can be divided into two kinds, one kind is the stainless steel filter through disposal has the surface brightness, and the use of the art of bright contrast is formed on the picture processing; Another kind is granted in the composition of picture color art processing. Used in the screen printing method have the model instance etching processing, spray processing. Etching processing method, it is acid-proof protective film on stainless steel surface color with silk screen printing, and then use ferrous chloride etching liquid, constitute art picture. Spray color method is radiation pigment particles, after the silk screen printing sample of pear skin surface, form art pictures. Than to, in order to adapt to the diversification of stainless steel filter USES more and more artistic and begged, settled with the color of 'black art' processing method, and become the main stream of this field. In granting stainless steel color method, including using the method of silk screen printing black ink left behind line of fire and chemical coloring method. Stainless steel filter products sprayed art processing method of technological process is: stainless steel products to screen printing, etching to alkali treatment, screen printing and oxidation coloring to alkali treatment, waste. Stainless steel chemical coloring method, and not using the pigments and dyes, but the chromium stainless steel filter soak in the heating of the concentrated sulfuric acid in the solution, suspension of chemical coloring, its feature is good resistance to food. This processing method in the use of ink, to have very strong acid resistance, general appropriate to the use and disposal process has the special function of the UV curing ink.
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