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A kind of made of stainless steel wire mesh screen. About the woven stainless steel wire mesh and to use the device, the manufacturer will improve numerical parameters of different materials with different parameters. The appearance of different modeling web structure with rectangle, circle, arc, fan, etc. Inductive effect of the use of different elements, can provide different elements, wire mesh stainless steel can be used by different elements in accordance with any equipment needed after cure is to avoid the marginal marginal of the network. Let's sexual things such as Ann after processing to avoid attacks? Combination of grid structure appearance requirements for stainless steel wire mesh, it is necessary to make the argon arc welding longitude and the latitude of the diameter of the grinding limit to unnecessary wire diameter, and operation function of welding is who should be arranged according to the who operating functions. Apply to offer different network hierarchy needs to show different grid appearance cutting demand for the same diameter of the circle. In the selection and filtering environment, completed the screen with the net surface smooth degree, hardness, stability, etc.
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