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poor fracture mesh material, chemical combination described do not conform to the requirements of the relevant technology, low chromium, nickel and high manganese content respectively to CrNi steel corrosion resistance is reduced, more dispersed carbide particles in microstructure and ferrite greatly reduce the resistance to stress corrosion and pitting corrosion properties of grid.
chang source of anqing city how to distinguish the stainless steel wire mesh mesh
the condition of deformation, once the stainless steel wire mesh deformation, the effects of this is very ill. Stainless steel wire mesh can cause deformation length, design changes such as attack. Broken wire broken wires are usually is the result of stainless steel wire mesh deformation to a certain extent. When the stainless steel wire mesh and deformation and presents the present along with iron mold, and this is reflected in prognosis.
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stainless steel filter can begin to distinguish from the following several aspects: warp and weft interlace between the sex is not strong, not tight, with your fingers to rub up and down a few times, the appearance of warp and weft will have significant loose. Stainless steel filter in the back, show serious curling and beautiful.
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applications include stainless steel industry, agriculture, science and technology and national defense. And the world's leading science and technology, high-tech industry, life, cultural life and economic hand in hand in hand, to the national economy and people's life. Main application fields: aviation, aerospace, printing, printing and dyeing, electronics, mining, pharmaceutical, food, food processing, chemical industry, etc. And four functional stainless steel wire mesh wire mesh is a screen, a filter and solid protection. Screen: mainly used in metallurgy, coal, rubber, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, passenger cars, ceramic, glass and other industries of solid particles, powder and sieving.
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the corrosion resistance of stainless steel mesh belt is better than ordinary chain, please choose the reliable quality priority of factory production of stainless steel mesh belt. Chain forhandling corrosive substances, will inevitably come into contact with corrosive substances. Rust mottled rust on the simple appearance and parts affect chain, hinge and reverse and true nature of the drum.
how nanning stainless steel wire mesh mark
choosing parameters habitually weave stainless steel wire mesh refers to different types of reflected in the appearance of the choice function, filtering, strengthen the part from the use of the required functionality and decorative light the required value of professional standards. To visualize the size of the parameters, in some professional norms have very strong habit.
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for example, we can every day more lubricating oil smeared on the stainless steel wire mesh, in order to avoid the rust and broken wires. In the process of production, pay attention not to multilayer winding drum, so as to avoid deformation of stainless steel wire mesh.
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