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As everybody knows, stainless steel mesh in use for a period of time in the future, in the overview screen can appear a lot of filtering impurities, if it is not clear in time, will affect the filtration precision and the quality of the product didn't pass the exam, so timely cleaning stainless steel mesh is very important, but the way we must need to grasp. Stainless steel stainless steel screen mesh in the filtering equipment plays a very important impregnation, increased on schedule for screen using life and filter the product purity is played a very important impregnation, is out of line in some chemical industry, sewage temporary freedom system, the product of high precision is often cleaning hard to pass the exam. Profile product itself is made of metal wire woven, filtration precision is relatively concentrated, if you will need to pay attention to when cleaning the general situation of scratch, if the pieces done, is equivalent to directly damage the filter of a complete set of products, also need to pay attention to the stainless steel filter can not have been cleaned and product are inevitable using life. The stainless steel mesh, periodic cleaning is very important, I hope everyone can through above process introduction of stainless steel filter cleaning and matters needing attention of have more understanding, for the life of the product use and filtration precision are corresponding adjuvant.
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