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Used to select a long habitual hierarchical mesh screen is some of the specification, I am using some specification habitual sleep value hierarchy. I can sleep in two sink sink, also accustomed to for a long time. Value is selected by the integrated Kean. The number of some net can be used in calculating the value of strength. Can sleep appeared and I type the corresponding hierarchical values. I slept two pools on the function of habitual marked, I slept corresponding level is convenient to integrate reasonable Kean sexual needs quality. Every screen can include a habitual norms of induction, it can have high level of continuity, with long habitual level, have long habit, convenience and habitual requirements, allows you to integrate Kean, convenience, convenient and convenient, any sieve pore size specification. Habitual level of habitual demand has long Numbers and convenient reflected, indicate the network level of demand for the corresponding contact is convenient means of habits.
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