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Stainless steel mesh belt commonly used specifications and how to choose the best; Of choose and buy the stainless steel mesh belt, don't in order to save cost option price cheaper mesh belt in particular, this will bring a lot of problems in the actual use, such as mesh belt due to price too cheap quality is bad, often when put into production will appear a lot of problems, reduces the quality and efficiency of production. Conveyor mesh belt of choose and buy when it is good to must choose quality conveyor mesh belt, at the time of production will be very good use. To improve business efficiency. Main consideration is the strong degree of mesh belt, and in the running. Stainless steel mesh belt how to safely use commonly used specifications; Stainless steel mesh belt should be stored in dry environment, avoid motor be affected with damp be affected with damp. Stainless steel mesh belt, when in open air, should have rain. In the process of storage and handling should prevent knock against stainless steel mesh belt, stainless steel mesh belt from damage. Stainless steel mesh belt use environment often should keep clean and tidy, clean stainless steel mesh belt surface, inlet and outlet should not have the sundry. Regularly remove stainless steel mesh belt and pipe of dust and other sundry. According to the use of environmental conditions do not regularly to supplement or replace the bearing grease ( Motor bearing, closed during the life period without replacing grease) 。 In order to ensure the stainless steel mesh belt in the process of running the good lubrication, refueling times is not less than 1000 hours/time, closed bearings and motor bearings, refueling with ZL - 3 lithium base grease filling two-thirds of bearing inner and outer circle. It is forbidden to short of oil. Stainless steel mesh belt commonly used specifications and the problems existing in the process; Weld defect; The more serious the weld defect, artificial mechanical polishing processing, make up for the use of grinding crack, results in uneven surface, affect beautiful. Surface is inconsistent; Only weld pickling passivation, but also causes uneven surface, affect beautiful. Equipment factors; In profile, the plate bending and bending process, cause scratch and crease is also the main reason of corrosion after treatment. Pickling ability is limited; Pickling passivation paste is not everything, and plasma cutting and flame cutting and black oxide skin, difficult to remove. Uneven grinding, polishing and passivation; After manual polishing, pickling pickling passivation treatment, for large workpiece, it is difficult to achieve uniform treatment effect, can't get ideal uniform surface. Cost and time and spare parts cost is higher.
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