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How to carry out the stainless steel mesh belt troubleshooting __ metal wire mesh products co. , LTD

Conveyor mesh belt is generally divided into common type, rugged, balancing type, combination type herringbone, twin balance type, chain transmission net, b mesh belt. Among them, b mesh belt by strong hardness material through special mould pressing, 200 mm wide - net 3500 mm, usually using this wheel positioning transmission. So how to make a stainless steel mesh belt troubleshooting? Let's take a look at. Such as running piece of partial phenomenon in a mesh belt, adjustable tension at the end of the driven shaft axis, should adjust slowly, remember that quick adjustment, scraping the loss caused by mesh belt edge. Dithering phenomenon appears such as mesh belt, should check the conveyor frame and conveying tunnel roller refuse to transfer phenomenon of rustily, one by one. Chain transmission type mesh belt such as chain jumping, running instability, should check whether sprocket synchronization on both ends of the drive shaft, gear tooth is excessive wear. Is a troubleshooting on stainless steel mesh belt, if buy stainless steel mesh belt friends can call our telephone orders to buy. Stainless steel factory to remind everyone of sprocket maintenance is not a can, but, often on a regular basis for maintenance, is also a very lengthy process, only in this way can make sprocket use longer. In for maintenance at the same time also don't forget to check the performance of the gear and bearing.
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