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How to become a woven mesh is stainless steel rope mesh

Decorative stainless steel rope weaving the net effect is good, the flexible mesh is also called the rope net, rope woven by the metal, material is stainless steel, metal wire mesh weaving process is relatively complex, first by the wire twisted to specify the diameter of the metal line, again by metal wire woven for the finely. Because of its good ductility, can be stretching, bending, roll fold, but are not damaged, and durable, high security, multi-purpose at zoos, parks and other public places to do security fence. Flexible network also can be used as interior decoration material, the mesh shape rules with ornaments ornament, concise and easy do not break, and thus the flexible net is becoming more and more popular with designers. Customers can comply with the adornment of the different places, choose different style of knitting. Stainless steel rope mesh mesh mesh has the incomparable advantages: 1. ( 1) Lightweight, high strength, durable, good softness, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, rupture strength, overall structure, durable, in at least 35 years of service life and save the repeat installation cost; 2. Clairvoyant sex good, luxurious appearance, novel style, and soft tenacity, is not pinched or clip to the skin, resist a variety of sugar, acid, alkali corrosion beverage ingredients. To improve the strength of the protective structure and service life. Every kind of wire mesh products at the time of sale in a specification table on some basic data about this kind of wire mesh products, so that when customers buy products will have some basic knowledge of products they buy, of course for? Scenic area rope guardrail, these basic data is indispensable, but for? Scenic spot rope fence for these basic data parameters measurement and control or some difficulty, because? Scenic area rope fence is not like other wire mesh products with fixed and stable structure, measuring the rise very convenient also. With very good flexibility and rockfall fence, you can literally stretch in all directions, it will cause some laymen once encountered rockfall fence measurement will be some zhang two monks confused, I do not know how to start. Rockfall fence belongs to a kind of woven wire mesh products, it has the very good ductility, can let the force to lift in all directions, thus cause rockfall fence length measurement of some difficulties, when we were in the measurement how to measure? Which direction is the rockfall fence to stretching and stretching to what extent can accurately measure the rockfall netting the real length?
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