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the GB/T industrial woven metal mesh square hole, and this standard industrial filter woven metal ( The eye) Weaving type, type, size, tag, technical conditions, test methods, inspection rule and marks. Mesh weaving square metal net is applicable to solid particles, liquid and gas filtration material and other industrial USES of screening. This standard applies to. Mm mesh size? 。 Mm basically industrial woven wire mesh. Lanzhou nansha
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fair selection and the maintenance of belt conveyor. Plough fair selection, according to the real-time correction to install along the transition season, coupled with shading technology winter maintenance of stainless steel wire mesh method can also extend the service life of the belt.
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send the stainless steel mesh belt is the most important thing to note that in the stainless steel filament yarn is coarser mesh, by which normal cells. Mm. Mm mm mm thick of stainless steel wire mesh screen mesh diameter stainless steel wire. The difference is more than two products, in fact, the role of the use of the two products are similar, but due to the different attributes, their applicable site is different, who is in a short wire mesh stainless steel jiaojiao, trusted by the people from all walks of life.
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and the living conditions of our country of big differences, make the livelihood of the family of stainless steel has become a huge. In Australia, every family has a stainless steel city, and in the United States, many families stainless steel demand to keep their family farm, the farm and other maintenance.
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as the steel chemical composition, protection status, operating conditions and environmental medium change.
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in wire mesh stainless steel used in the brewing process. In the use of stainless steel wire mesh, using the operation of the nature of the stainless steel wire mesh is used to use some of the raw data quality wine worth it. Liquid induced aging function does not affect the nutrient any corrosion function, thus fully viscous extract has important function of value.
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in the practical application of the stainless steel mesh, there are many factors will destroy our non-chrome passivation of the stainless steel screen mesh, which changes the state of the passivation of stainless steel to active status. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel. The chloride ion. The chloride ion to the harm of the stainless steel mesh belt. In the process of passivation, should strictly control the passivation solution, the content of chloride ion in used for passivation of chemical material requirement for the chloride ion limited.
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