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application: used in the acid and alkali environment in sieve filter, oil industry in the slurry sieve, sieve screening of chemical fiber industry, electroplating industry in pickling screening, wastewater treatment, paint and metal powder manufacturing. In the aerospace, electronics, mining, medicine, food, printing and dyeing, food processing, metallurgy, ceramics, glass and other industries, the classification of solid particles, powder, sieve.
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stainless steel belt containing dust or other metal elements in humid air outside heterogeneous metal particle sediment reservoir, between the condensate and stainless steel accessories, described the two together as a tiny area, resulting in electrochemical reaction, the protective film of the damage, is known, the electrochemical corrosion.
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for resistance to acid, due to the content of nickel element is relatively small, there's not a good acid and alkali resistance, resistance toughness, better toughness, hard and brittle than hard experiment of stainless steel filter cut, there after crossing surface no apparent Nick, and surface does not have apparent Nick.
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USES: stainless steel wire mesh is mainly used in acid, alkaline condition, the gas liquid filter, filter separation of solid substances, as well as other solid and liquid medium, mining, chemical, food, medicine, scientific research and other industries widely used, the oil industry as mud mesh, chemical fiber industry as screen card network, plating industry as pickling mesh. Stainless steel screen mesh, as a fine screen, filter tool, the quality of the product is crucial, therefore, it is necessary to ensure the quality of procurement, choose the good materials, consumer products of craftsmanship.
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stainless steel stainless steel mesh network structure features of gate is the main products are: mesh, stainless steel net, steel net, hook wire mesh and steel net, bumper welded mesh, welded wire mesh, aluminum net, MEG mesh, perforated wire, wire mesh, conveyer belt mesh, barbecue wire mesh, copper mesh, rolls mesh, woven wire mesh, nylon mesh, mesh, hexagonal wire mesh, stone cage net, net, steel net, steel plate and steel mesh, plastic flat net, sun-shade net, cotton net, building safety net, geotextiles, geogrid, deep web processing, etc.

gansu stainless steel wire mesh specification how said appearance of stainless steel wire mesh screen cleaning, acid pickling and passivation, corrosion resistance, in addition to the maximum progress also has the products, in order to avoid pollution, to achieve the effect of beautiful. In years of GBl rules 'steel pressure vessel', a composite steel container of stainless steel and anti-corrosion requirements shall be produced by the appearance of the acid passivation. '
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how to distinguish the quality of the stainless steel mesh? First take a look at raw materials! The major parts of stainless steel mesh is stainless steel. The professional name for austenitic stainless steel. Maybe some people would call ferritic stainless steel. Some call it austenitic stainless steel producers duplex stainless steel and ferrite and martensite stainless steel, etc. , there is also a different name? Why are there so many titles?
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