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stainless steel mesh features: to filter directly, simple process, good air permeability, uniform and stable precision, no leakage, renewable performance is good, regeneration speed is quick, convenient installation, high efficiency, long service life.
this kind of damage is often without any warning, the damage is very serious, tend to be disastrous. Stress corrosion cracking is the prerequisite for roughly three special environment, it must be subjected to tensile force; The poor quality of stainless steel net itself.
as a result, it is important to regularly clean stainless steel net, I hope we can have more understanding, and through the above description of stainless steel cleaning filter, for the use of the product life and matters needing attention of filtering the corresponding help.
as a buyer, so how should the stainless steel net it generally the function of the poor, small make up it? 吗? For us in short: it start from the difference of material is very important: based on the stainless steel mesh material is different, there may be many kinds of stainless steel wire mesh products, more widely used, beautiful stainless steel stainless steel net of its own interests, durable, suitable for more protection and other places, not only to meet the demand of the characters.
if we store stainless steel net for a long time, we should put it is stored in the % of the following about degrees Celsius temperature and temperature, and placed in the shelf above the ground cm. Keep ventilated, dry and clean, avoid direct sunlight. Hue transmission company remind you to take protective measures, prevent wire mesh stainless steel product is affected by the rain and snow.
stainless steel wire mesh stainless steel materials, attribution of diameter stainless steel wire mesh can be used for meat and seafood are usually common stainless steel barbecue network. Cm material: stainless steel wire, low carbon galvanized wire. And the characteristics of the knitting: from welding; High temperature deformation, not easy to rust, non-toxic, tasteless, easy to use; Shape: round, square, curved, etc.
so, cast stainless steel screen mesh reinforcement structure, can effectively take into account the crack resistance and brick for unity of the basic strength requirement, and satisfies the requirement of the stability of the insulation system. The importance of stainless steel screen mesh, screen mesh with the continuous improvement of the stainless steel manufacturing process, stainless steel screen mesh will be even more important role in people's life and work.
the above is about tieling stainless steel screen mesh '> zhengzhou stainless steel screen mesh related files in the city, I hope it can help you to buy stainless steel screen mesh. In this paper, by a professional stainless steel screen mesh manufacturers editor!
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