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application: used in the acid and alkali environment in screening filter, oil industry in the slurry sieve, sieve screening of chemical fiber industry, electroplating industry in pickling screening, wastewater treatment, paint and metal powder manufacturing. In the aerospace, electronics, mining, medicine, food, printing and dyeing, food processing, metallurgy, ceramics, glass and other industries, the classification of solid particles, powder, sieve.
how to use the stainless steel wire rope safety has become a chronic of consumers. Today, the most important thing is to use stainless steel wire rope to explain what kind of factors to consider. With stainless steel wire rope safety factor when the force is through the use of stainless steel wire rope, wire rope coefficient will certainly is a safe and legal balance coefficient is safe to use, and plans to use the first premise of wire rope tension.
stainless steel wire mesh, round hole can be obtained from the selected drilling technique, the choice of a square hole can nonwoven acquisition method. High precision near the former into the hole, but the cost is high, generally applicable to experiment and special occasions. The latter method of pore slightly lower accuracy, but the cost is low, applicable to the general production.
products is the interval between many test, which not only have played an important role to maintain, improve the effect of the visual appearance. Personalized color choices, can free collocation with stainless steel mesh according to your demand, make match your individual needs and environment.
our factory temporarily stainless steel wire mesh can be divided into two categories, each product can be divided into multiple varieties. In the process of the buyer to buy, as long as the width of the appropriate product, the quantity of the product is the closer. For this kind of phenomenon of shopping center, stainless steel wire mesh manufacturer production ahead of a stainless steel wire mesh. A project, orders and two product standards. Stainless steel net price for yuan/square meters, stainless steel net price for yuan/square meters. Article
screen piece of material and the surrounding mesh band form cylindrical packing tray assembly together. The main specification: stainless steel wire mesh: M * M mesh wire diameter. 毫米/。 MM wire mesh stainless steel filler, widely used in high efficiency packing world has heat resistance, large gaps, flux, low resistance, the separation efficiency of advanced features.
screen mesh of stainless steel is different from the general mesh products. But there are a series of strict grid size. How to distinguish the authenticity of a mesh of stainless steel and chemical qualitative method? The qualitative method is to identify the magnetic stainless steel containing nickel in a way.
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