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stainless steel wire mesh screen short defined by simple machine before entering to support the deck out all kinds of metal mesh set, its role is to increase the filter to improve the mixing or result of molded filtering molten flow and flow and mechanical impurities.
from the point of view of color, this is because the stainless steel filter stainless steel containing manganese darker color than the above, with white and brighter.
screen mesh size are not isolated, it has a series of mesh size, the purpose of sorting. Screen mesh by wire or filament, aperture. 吗? Mm woven. To remove and recycle of the different types of suspension and small day, sieve separation is simple, efficient, low-cost operation and other advantages. Commonly used in small-scale wastewater treatment.
material: stainless steel wire is SUS,, L, L ( In the technology progress of the knitting to join the pure nickel wire, low carbon steel and other materials) 。 Features: acid, alkali, high temperature, tension and abrasion resistance, with filtering function stability, accuracy, high precision and gives a special filtering capabilities.
in recent years, stainless steel net in this kind of profession is used as a filter and filter. This is due to the stainless steel as a metal mesh data, make its have corrosion resistance, high strength, good flexibility characteristics. As the conditions of the day is getting better and better, people begin to attach importance to the taste of the day.
he diameter stainless steel wire to pull small water tank by using stainless steel wire diameter of fibrils is hydrogen retreat silk, silk diameter is very thin, there are a lot of thin and even further, the hair Angle increases, the progress of plastic. Mm SEQ, eliminate the internal stress, and thinning device does not have to eliminate the scope of other devices do more suitable for woven stainless steel filters, stainless steel filter, makes no sediment is smooth and fine, hard, non magnetic, fatigue resistance, and large forces are transmission characteristics.
there are different ways to the surface treatment of the stainless steel filter, which can be roughly divided into two kinds: one kind is by processing make the stainless steel surface gloss, using lustre contrast the formation of art of picture processing; The second is give color composition. In this case, the silk screen printing method used for etching and coating.
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