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Green plastic materials used in the network structure is composed of black, high, low carbon steel wire, mesh of manganese steel wire etc, choose the welding or weaving skills. Net surface, such as square hole and rectangular hole, diamond hole, wave breaking, etc. , is generally used as cannot be applied to any professional net surface. Please. The network has a defect, namely the network looks very simple rust, result in the crack of the wires. Therefore, before using this kind of screen products, demand in the network the appearance of spraying plastic, plastic and paint, to reach the resistance to corrosion and high temperature strength. Appearance color in order to increase the network construction and the maintenance of all kinds of industrial environment demand, most appearance color is green, commonly used to popular colour, used for plastic and plastic spray aggression of the original materials such as PVC, PEC, PPC powder. It combined with dull and structure into a plastic screen similar to the plastic. In essence, the plastic is made of the steel wire and high carbon steel wire mesh, constitute the origin of the green plastic mesh. 0. 3 mm after the network line of 6 cm, appearance before processing mesh is 0. 15 mm, namely exterior plastic thickness of 0. 15mm. This product is especially suitable for the breeding poultry enclosure for pet class in vocational construction of the value.
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