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How about stainless steel wire pig bed fixed the problem

Many customers consulting the stainless steel wire pig bed nets when asked about how to fixed connection, in this is to introduce in detail.

we need this kind of stainless steel stainless stainless steel wire mesh from the ground a few centimeters, usually is welded to the triangular stainless stainless steel square stainless stainless steel plate, the connect triangle stainless stainless steel frame and bracket, so as to achieve the aim of the ground surface, it is very simple. How and triangle mesh stainless stainless steel or square stainless stainless steel plate fixation, gas welding or electric welding can, gas welding and welded wire mesh connection firmer? What kind of way, if welding technology fine, as far as possible with welding, welding to be more strong. Bolt is also a good way, with a width of 3 - about 3 mm thick 5 cm stainless stainless steel plate, mesh on the triangular stainless stainless steel, stainless stainless steel plate is put in, stainless stainless steel plate and the triangular stainless stainless steel play holes at intervals of about 30 cm, bolted to the floor of the clamping bolt force should be homogeneous, bolted firmly is also very good, the biggest advantage is that need to mesh the antirust processing such as touch-up tear open outfit is convenient. Specific how to fixed on the pig factory friends how do you feel convenient, in the reminder, net surface must be supported at intervals of about 60 cm, thus dispersed on the surface of the mesh points.

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