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by:Candurs     2020-07-19
Wipe out the homework and equipment all hinder the activities on the site, and debris. Pickling will slowly into the cylinder wire, avoid acid splash in the body. Add acid acid must be slowly pour into water, stop the water, galvanized iron wire operation considerations into acid to prevent acid splash cuts. Safety glasses should be worn when working. Transfer wire and other items, stop pushing down. Take-up and operation should pay attention to safety, monitor of others without approval, shall not get in the car. Should put coil, accumulation to reliable, neat, no more than 5. To stop the body skin direct contact with acid and alkali. Acid mist over the provisions of the state, to adopt way of management in time, otherwise prohibit produces. Choose high quality low carbon steel wire rod processing and into galvanized iron wire, galvanized iron wire is divided into hot dipped galvanized wire and cold galvanized wire, Electric galvanized wire) Is to choose high quality low carbon steel, through drawing molding, pickling derusting, high temperature annealing, hot dip galvanized. Cooling process. Characteristics of galvanized iron wire has good toughness and elasticity, the highest amount of zinc can reach 300 grams/square meter. With the galvanized layer thickness, strong corrosion resistance characteristics.
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