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High tension 304 n solar panels with high precision stainless steel net printing

High tension N solar panels with high precision stainless steel printing net

name of commodity: high tension N solar panels with high precision stainless steel printing net
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specializing in the production of materials imported from Japan SUSN printing net yarn of stainless steel manufacturers, the introduction of Japan's rapier loom and German steel buckle, Japan SUSN raw materials, developed the first domestic stainless steel circuit board printing network, using a full set of Japanese web technology, and can provide first-class printing stencil pressure technology, to ensure that wire mesh net section structure more stable, effective control of printing ink quantity, save silver pulp, net cloth structure performance increases significantly in use process, do not collapse, not easy exhaustion; After years of inspection and technical research study abroad, can completely replace the imported stainless steel printing net yarn have been established mature products, such as mesh /. Mm, mesh /. mm/. Mm, mesh /. Mm, mesh /. Mm, mesh /. mm/. mm/. mm/. Mm, mesh /. mm。

N stainless steel printed mesh:
the product material: SUS N; Plain weave; Wide for routine:
width. M,. M, length is. M; Other length and width can be customized according to your needs.
stainless steel printing net yarn is a special ultra-thin wire cloth used in printing industry.
main use: printing, chip components, solar battery, flat panel display, liquid crystal displays, glass, ceramic, metal, plastic, rubber, printing circuit board, etc; Especially suitable for use in harsh environments, multi-color overprint, batch printing, transfer printing, precision is suitable for printing.
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