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High precision filter

High precision filter piece

mesh material: stainless steel woven wire mesh, black wire cloth, galvanized wire and other metal.

single-layer, multi-layer; According to the shape: round, rectangular, waist shape, oval, etc. Execution standard: metal mesh is strictly according to GB standards organization production.

process: carbon wire braided copper mesh selection of quality of the dense net, cloth.

is divided into plain and twill weave method. Can also according to the requirements of using stamping into various screen pack, can also spot welding different mesh filter mesh.

our company can supply all kinds of metal mesh, including single and multi-layer. Multi-layer mesh with double, three, or processed as required. We can also processing a variety of materials and the size of the rectangle, square mesh, circular mesh belt. Welcome to put forward the specific of the specifications of the

use: filter, filter assembly products ( Can filter for short) , suitable for petroleum, oil refining, chemical industry, light industry, medicine, metallurgy, machinery, shipbuilding, automobile tractor industry such as distillation, absorption, evaporation and filtration process, eliminate the entrained droplets in steam or gas and liquid foam, and car tractor is used as the air filter.
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