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all stainless steel screen mesh products can be called stainless steel. Mainly used for screening and filtering of acid and alkali environment. Mud screen using the oil industry, screen USES the chemical fiber industry, acid pickling mesh using electroplating industry, gas and liquid filtration medium separation, etc. So, filtering, and have to do it? The filtering precision is generally determined by the aperture. Stainless steel mesh can be divided into high precision stainless steel mesh, filter plays a big role. Due to high mesh filter of stainless steel mesh number is high, the corresponding pore size is smaller, the smaller the wire, decided to the improvement of the stainless steel mesh filter accuracy.
maoming hefei mesh stainless steel wire mesh is how to define the
for this knowledge, we must first understand the difference on the surface of the conveying transport width and width. Transport width refers to the total width of the stainless steel net, described the width is the width of the conveyor can carry materials. Had different spacing and size of mesh belt stainless steel wire mesh spacing, distance refers to the separated grid spacing, now including the diameter of the grid, and is defined as the ratio between the net mesh size. Therefore, when measuring parameters of the stainless steel mesh belt must understand.
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send the stainless steel mesh belt caused by outside it is stainless steel rust dirt, can use nitric acid washing or scratching abrasive %, drugs can also be a special scrub. Stainless steel filter filter to the weak part of the corrosion resistance of passivation film, is configured to self-excited pitting reaction, holes, and close to the chloride ion.
changji stainless steel relief hole rate how to calculate the
the protection of the stainless steel net surface cleaning is necessary to be punctual, adhere to its gorgeous surface and prolong the service life of the quantity. Attention should be paid to scratch the surface indicates a stainless steel net clean surface, in order to prevent the use of abrasive such as detergents, bleach components washing liquid is removed, and then rinse the surface of the water clean washing is completed. Full of beautiful things in eyes of products, stainless steel wire mesh, kinds of complex, not an expert difference is the basic work is not open.
send stainless steel mesh belt how fixed shaoxing
stainless steel wire mesh filter is to ask the purpose of the new method of choice, many people will think of stainless steel wire mesh. Stainless steel wire mesh filter because of its good performance and corrosion resistance and is widely used, this provides a new choice for all kinds of need to filter industry. Filter stainless steel wire mesh is woven for semi-automatic machines operated by skilled workers. Resouece stainless steel wire mesh screen window edge prick the hand to do

is used to select the function of the filter function to display the requested information of the function of the combination of the production process is chosen to extract the recommended procedures by the diameter of the weaving process of weaving and the strong lubrication grid mesh size and other solid woven silk screen appearance.
shijiazhuang stainless steel net how to trim barbered
bleach and adhered on the surface of the stainless steel acid. Immediately wash with water, then rinse with ammonia or neutral sodium carbonate solution, with a neutral detergent or rinse with warm water. With rainbow pattern on stainless steel screen mesh, this is due to excessive use of detergents or grease. Can use a neutral detergent wash out in lukewarm water. Fouling caused by rust on the surface of stainless steel.
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