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He only smaller than guo degang 3 years old, but to become the most just disciple guo, stainless steel wire section is for him all things hold together News and information - Business information -

Devon community today is very brilliant, in addition to guo degang and Yu Qian, under many disciples were famous angulation, nervous every day in the country a dozen theater performances. We have to admit, guo degang this person is very deep shrewd, when all the people don't believe in him, still dare to receive so many children when the apprentice, these people come in handy today. Among apprentice in guo degang, there are a lot of age gap is not large, such as Li Hebiao, born in 1976, smaller than guo degang only three years old. The Li Hebiao just a cook, but because he liked the crosstalk, and abandoned everything, want to study in Devon community crosstalk, but because mandarin is not good, 1 were eliminated. Li Hebiao this man is so persistent, always do not go near Devon community in tianqiao theatre, guo degang's wife looked at Li Hebiao Wang Hui later and that kind of solid, plus he is a cook before, so I left him in the kitchen help, this is entered the Devon community. Familiar with the later, guo think he's quite good, began to follow other disciples together theory crosstalk! Li Hebiao is not known before, it was not until 2010 that his camera crews in guo home and into the body after the conflict, popular throughout the country overnight, also push the Devon community to the forefront. Thanks to guo was not a good crop, even with the risk of collapse, still give Li Hebiao held a special performance, protect his disciple, even because of this matter, just had later stainless steel wire section! Li Hebiao although not today is Devon community is very red, but also be honestly said crosstalk. Devon community of fans all call him a hero's cloud, DE YunBiao elder brother, and even some netizens said he was the first cut in fly kick, there are many more other disciples often Li Hebiao weave into their own jokes, at least I can see you from this point, prove that guo degang and Wang Hui did not choose the wrong person!
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