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mesh is woven production of stainless steel. Sometimes, there will be a little in the woven mesh, this is normal. Sometimes, stainless steel mesh just put into the machine, the machine has not been debugged. Stainless steel net volumes of some surface will not flat, there will be waves on both sides. How did this happen? How to deal with? The personage inside course of study is generally called 'lotus leaf edge'. Reason is just boot the machine, the machine tension control is not good, and the tension is too small, it is a very common disease network. How do you sell
haining laiwu stainless steel net
face very bad quality; End is mainly due to the different particle size of face. Therefore, leads to the face, is now in the high temperature melt enough, so it is only natural the adsorption force of smaller. The high quality stainless steel wire mesh; Stainless steel wire mesh is the most important of the coating, it must be clean and tidy, do not allow the appearance of the dust, oil and grease are not allowed to more.
foshan changdu stainless steel sheet round hole how blunt
for a long time, on the surface of stainless steel screen can display the service life of the filter, which is by the principle of filtering operation of long life and filter the network choice of materials. I has corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance and other properties, bowl can perform the selected material maintenance. It is freedom of corrosion and fouling of any impact, so as to realize the water and oil of all kinds of filters. Takashi
how much is left orders, stainless steel net weight
weaving: knitted pattern weft density polyethylene net is set up, mainly plain weave, twill weave, plain Dutch weave, twilled Dutch weave, reverse Dutch weave, herringbone twill weave, woven bamboo woven flower seeds. Features: stainless steel wire mesh filter performance and stability, accuracy, heat resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile property, etc.
the welding of stainless steel wire mesh?
high temperature oxidation resistance, heat resistance for ℃ of the stainless steel screen mesh, S stainless steel screen mesh and heat-resistant of ℃. Room temperature processing, plastic processing, is easy to make the use of stainless steel screen mesh diversification, high degree of finish, no surface treatment, convenient maintenance and simple.
the nansha stainless steel net cost how to calculate the
stainless steel screen mesh specifications description: standard stainless steel screen mesh: feed. M, width. Eye bag: weaving a brown paper bag outside characteristics: rodents, strong, strong, can avoid cleaning caused a series of problems the mouse into the house. To avoid the flies to avoid movement of ordinary mosquitoes and insects, but also avoids the local wet wheat mosquitoes.
hai how much stainless steel wire mesh mesh is how to define the
stainless steel chemical coloring method without the use of pigments and dyes, but the stainless steel filter into the sulfuric acid chromium solution heat stop chemical coloring, good resistance to eat. This kind of treatment method used in the printing ink should have strong acid resistance. In general, the UV curing ink with special functions should be adopted for processing.
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