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that is, though at different levels according to the condition of stainless steel net oxidation, but will eventually be oxidation. This phenomenon is often referred to as corrosion.
how fixed in Lhasa at stainless steel net Angle
what the extent of the stainless steel filter wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh to understand how to use stainless steel filter when stainless steel is used as a filter screen, the vast majority of solid particles can prevent minimum diameter, wire mesh, stainless steel filter is called. Stainless steel wire mesh filter square hole is the mesh size. Mesh size, which directly affects the degree of filtering the actual value.
changzhou shijiazhuang and stainless steel net how to distinguish between
filter of stainless steel sheet products of stainless steel filter according to the shape, such as a circle, circle, rectangle, oval, crescent, semicircle, triangle is several pieces, such as the shape of a standard filter, material, density of filter can be customized according to customer's requirements. Also known as the filter filter, filter and so many titles. How to deal with stainless steel net surface
say that finish, without surface treatment, the protection of the operation is simple and convenient. High temperature oxidation, stainless steel wire mesh tolerance of temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, S stainless steel net under temperature as high as degrees Celsius. Acid-proof, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance performance is good. High strength, high tensile strength, abrasion resistance and durability.
general stainless steel net to know how to calculate mesh aperture count
material: cr mesh belt, mesh belt, mesh belt, mesh belt. According to the shape: herringbone mesh belt, B mesh belt, diamond mesh belt, mesh belt, horseshoe chain mesh belt, chain plate, mesh belt conveyors, glasses, the net belt according to the brand: net chain product scope of application: food biscuit industry.

heilongjiang stainless steel net how to sell a screen between the internal stainless steel intergranular corrosion cracking, all of these, the stainless steel surface passivation membrane has the effect of damage occurred. Stainless steel filter, therefore, it is necessary to keep clean and stainless steel surface maintenance insist on the use of its beautiful surface, prolong life. Have a clean stainless steel screen mesh surface care scratch the surface of the phenomenon of not necessary, avoid to use cleaning liquid bleach composition and abrasives, steel wool, abrasive and other things, to remove detergents, end and then clean the surface of scour catharsis.
yunfu how to distinguish or stainless steel wire mesh
stainless steel chemical coloring method without the use of pigments and dyes, but the stainless steel filter into the sulfuric acid chromium solution heat stop chemical coloring, good resistance to eat. This kind of treatment method used in the printing ink should have strong acid resistance. In general, the UV curing ink with special functions should be adopted for processing.
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