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trademark stainless steel net, foil, wash with warm water and detergent weak glue combination, the use of alcohol or organic solvent ( Diethyl ether, benzene) Scrub. Grease, oil, oil pollution clean with a soft cloth, stainless steel wire mesh surface after or in the ammonia solution or neutral detergent to clean special detergent. Meshing surface adhesion of bleach and all kinds of acid, immediately wash with water, with ammonia solution or neutral aqueous impregnating carbonated sodas, or hot water washing with a neutral detergent.
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stainless steel wire mesh and commonly used specifications and how to choose the best. When to buy stainless steel mesh belt, do not choose the price, especially cheap to save cost, so bring lots of problems in the practical use, for example, because the price is too cheap to network quality is poorer, there will be a lot of problems often when put into production, reduces the production quality and efficiency.
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this article USES the screen by etching process model, color spraying processing examples printing method. Etching process, described in the protective film is acid-proof stainless steel surface screen color printing, ferrous chloride solution, and then etched to form art images. Radiation after spraying method is color printing screen toner particles, satin surface combination, in the field of this picture.
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stainless steel wire mesh size features: smooth surface, high toughness, not easy deformation, or more durable, the highest temperature ℃. Purpose: petrochemical, chemical industry, electronics industry, color picture tube, building materials, food machinery, powder metallurgy, heat treatment, glass fiber, glass, cleaning electric furnace, reflow, sintering furnace industrial pipeline.
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in recent years, stainless steel net in this kind of profession is used as a filter and filter. This is due to the stainless steel as a metal mesh data, make its have corrosion resistance, high strength, good flexibility characteristics. As the conditions of the day is getting better and better, people begin to attach importance to the taste of the day.
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stainless steel screen mesh products. But a series of tough mesh size. Object and grain size distribution, the choice function fitting occupation, organization, product specification approval net good product, must also have the characteristics of the stainless steel screen mesh special heat treatment processing is the only.

how aksu city woven stainless steel wire mesh sealing side protection and maintenance of facilities, should according to the actual operation situation and customer requirements. Corrosion resistance of things cannot be included in the application background. In order to ensure that facilities can be normal use, must use it under proper temperature and humidity. If used in the place where the air is cloudy, can consider to add a layer of filter problem there.
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