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Greater hinggan mountains xinxiang stainless steel net - how to define the specification Stainless steel wire mesh


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overall, described the surface material will not lead to a mixture of different number of reducing the amount of any corrosion form stainless steel net, stainless steel wire mesh, L stainless steel net capacity coefficient, etc.
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mesh filter of stainless steel, it has similarities and differences between stainless steel filter filter request stainless steel soft, can't be too hard, because there is no simple stainless steel wire braided formation, stainless steel wire, stainless steel filter is less than. Mm, mesh can be woven stainless steel filter device.
xingtai Shanghai stainless steel wire mesh specifications and how to embody the
by silk screen mesh, screen mesh wire screen mesh and synthetic materials. Wire mesh wire mesh according to different denier filament yarn and the whole organization, or organizational half yarn specification for plain weave, woven fabric is a similar way. Hank and whole organization mesh is small, long net cloth, plain or half yarn.
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stainless steel net conveyer performance, large capacity and so many advantages, so as to facilitate removal of the characteristics of the equipment, therefore, has been widely used in the food industry's glass industry enterprise, but net conveyor installed on the main part of the existing specifications of the drive model, because of unreasonable, the accident rate structure, seriously affected the normal operation of the conveyor is for many years, on the basis of consumption theory, we analyzed the strength and the driven roller structure installation defects, conversion network drive greatly reduces the damage of install driver accident, very good. Sichuan stainless steel mesh belt damage to do

stainless steel heat resistance, acid resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance. Due to these characteristics, stainless steel wire mesh is widely used in mining, chemical industry, food, oil, medicine, etc, is mainly used for gas separation, liquid filtration medium. Stainless steel wire mesh according to the classification model: stainless steel flat screen.
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stainless steel filter screen is 3: nominal filter degree, degree of absolute filter, filter the actual level. A nominal filter degree of ( Also known as the nominal diameter) : refers to the braided stainless steel fine grid pattern, cut inside diameter of the hole of them interweave the cross section of the triangle. Filtering the absolute degree ( Also known as absolute aperture) : it refers to the network cross section contour is twill weave.
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the aral woven stainless steel wire mesh screen production of large enterprise products type of grouping is decided by different sieve machine used in the production process. The screen is used to product the actual functionality of the material in the same numerical range produced by welding or knitting machine. Welded mesh.
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