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Gas-liquid filter, weaving materials and application field of application of products, and gas liquid filter, gas liquid network, broken foam net, filter, braided net

Gas-liquid filter specifications, weaving materials and field application

gas-liquid filter name again: gas liquid network, broken foam net, filter, braided net, it actually knitting sweater knitting a method improving on traditional woven wire mesh. Woven with silk is commonly & phi; 。 ~φ 。 Mm round wire or pressed into flat wire, wire diameter & le; φ 。 Mm can bend, but also form of multiple strands of braided wire and fibre knitting a partnership.
Q/a, Shanghai SG standard of gas-liquid filter is as follows:

and standard specifications specifications

and efficient type

and high penetration type specification

2, wire mesh material:
(1) wire, all kinds of stainless steel wire galvanized iron wire copper wire titanium nickel wire wire wire
2 non-metallic wire, polyamide filament polypropylene silk silk glass fibers
F (3) wire and non-metallic wire
3, gas-liquid filter application domain application:
pieces make screen defoaming filter mat.
mixer gas-liquid separation, gas water separation, such as oil/water separation device of the mesh.
in pieces on the engines of automobiles, tractors and all kinds of filter. Pieces
auto parts of sealing, damping ( Suspension) , sound and exhaust purification device.
in pieces of electronic, electrical products of preventing electromagnetic interference shielding device.
with the reform and opening, the new foreign technology widely used in our country, the original Shanghai Q/Q/SG, Shanghai YSZZ gas-liquid filter standard can not meet the needs of modern industry, more comprehensive and practical enterprise standard has been with international advanced technology has been widely used.
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