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that is, though at different levels according to the condition of stainless steel net oxidation, but will eventually be oxidation. This phenomenon is often referred to as corrosion.
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chemical formula CrMnNi, chemical formula CrNi; They are the main differences between nickel chrome, stainless steel filter is a Cr nickel chrome components including manganese, nickel chromium element; There were significant differences in their color, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance, etc.
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screen mesh size are not isolated, it is of a series of mesh size, the purpose of sorting. Screen mesh by wire or filament, aperture. 吗? Mm woven. To remove and recycle of the different types of suspension and small day, sieve separation is simple, efficient, low-cost operation and other advantages. Commonly used in small-scale wastewater treatment.
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in paper making, environmental protection, decoration and other professional often use ultra wide stainless steel crimped wire mesh, but only with some type of mechanical weaving practice also has advantages in mass production, but they were powerless to some specific criteria, knitting process change, more delicate we can end all kinds of personalized production. Stainless steel crimped wire mesh weaving process, the development and the demand of customer operations, the industry developed meters wide stainless steel crimped wire mesh according to the practice of profession, not only the width of the mesh and have smooth, uniform grid function of this product to fill the gap.
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data into stainless steel mesh, black wire mesh, structure network, copper coated welding wire mesh, galvanized wire mesh and plastic coated mesh. Used for roof protection, tunnel, bridge construction, subgrade strengthening, the construction site. The general grid is used in the construction industry, as a new construction of high level of ambition.
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stainless steel wire mesh screen inspection shall, in accordance with the relevant right use of measuring tools and test equipment to the technical requirements of national standards. Quality square mesh of stainless steel is? Nspection, do not use the sampling method. The diameter of the stainless steel wire stainless steel wire material and surface material deviation inspection shall be flat light, no longitudinal tensile mark, burrs, rust removing defects such as; Wire diameter tolerance should comply with the provisions of material conform to the requirements.
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in order to ensure the equipment to play the best effect, should be used in ventilation and monotonous Settings. Check whether the equipment inlet pipe and the drain contact before use is good. If leakage exposed, may cause damage to equipment. Equipment before use, should first check the status of the motor, the accurate assurance line and use the volume.
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