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Galvanized wire also contains sa line first is suitable for industry, agriculture, animal husbandry __ wire mesh products co. , LTD

Galvanized wire according to production technology can be divided into: galvanized iron wire, galvanized iron wire, hot dip: 8 # - — 36 # ( 3. 8mm,0. 19mm) Electroplating: 8 # - — 38 # ( 3. 8mm- 0. 15mm) Production technology: through superior low carbon steel wire rod drawing molding, pickling derusting, high temperature annealing, hot dip galvanized, cooling, etc. 5 process refined but become. Galvanized wire characteristics: good patience and flexibility, corrosion resistance stronger. Use, first used in communication devices, medical equipment and weaving nets, brushes, wire, mesh, high-pressure pipe, construction, technical and professional electricity galvanized wire, is based on low carbon steel wire, through drawing and electric galvanizing technology on processing of metal composite materials. Hot dip galvanized wire: the product application excellent carbon structural steel, after drawing, hot dip galvanized. Widely used in manufacturing wire mesh, highway guard rail and building engineering. Has a thick coating, anticorrosion construction of tied with wire is used # 22 ( 0. 71mm) , price is low, its characteristics of flexibility is good, not easy to break, is one of the building industry is the most ideal binding wire, first choose cold low zinc plating processing wire. First choose cold low zinc plating processing wire. Special processing technology product wire, choose a thread, not broken, the zinc amount evenly bright, generally offer a bit expensive. Galvanized wire also contains sa line: one board each volume weight about 100 kg - 1000 kilograms, first is suitable for industry, agriculture, animal husbandry. The corrosion capability is strong, firm coating etc. Characteristics.
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