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Galvanized iron wire production control and destructive testing requirements __ wire mesh products co. , LTD

Galvanized iron wire production control: 1, the water in the process of production, each working procedure were performed after 2 times or more than two times of washing, and to ensure clean. 2, preparation of galvanized water quality requirements, passivation bath water application deionized water or distilled water, other water can use tap water of life. 3 bath, bath analysis all all should analysis on a regular basis, and shall not be less than once a week, complete record. 4, filtering, galvanized should adopt continuous filtration or filter regularly, filter shall not be less than once a month on a regular basis, complete record. 5, the production records shall be recorded in the process of production parts processing date, name, drawing no. , quantity, in addition to hydrogen, such as temperature and time. 6 check the operator before production, production equipment, should check for qualified sign related production equipment or the certificate of approval, and verified in the period of validity shall be used. Destructive testing requirements: when is unfavorable use parts for destructive test specimens, available specimen instead of parts, the specimen shall be the parts in the same conditions and represent the plating and other processing. Coating thickness, adhesion, corrosion resistance requirements of test sample is as follows: specimen material: Q235 manufacture specimen size: 150 mm * 100 mm * 1 mm.
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