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Fuzhou: highway increase isolation will be phased in _ way of stainless steel wire net, stainless steel rope net bar

by:Candurs     2021-01-25
At present, the fuzhou increase isolation stainless steel rope mesh is on the east second ring road, many passers-by to add isolation stainless steel rope net is disapproved. “ Such a practice should be popularized in other sections, such as MeiFeng branch, recently just did a similar recommendations of flower beds, so that we can effectively prevent the uncivilized people across, decrease traffic safety hidden trouble. ” Ms Chen says.

yesterday, the reporter understands from fuzhou city bureau of parks and woods greening works agency, the existing segregation stainless steel wire net, also not sure will be popularized in other sections. “ Currently, the isolation stainless steel rope net only in the Settings, also not sure will be popularized in other sections. ” The relevant person in charge of greening works agency, said this is mainly because some of the other sections, such as the white horse south road, ocean road, the isolation flower beds and the different, green belts are wide, so can you use the same way, it remains to be further research.

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