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From the surface to identify the quality of the stainless steel wire rope way __ wire mesh products co. , LTD

Stainless steel wire rope quality in the first embodied in the packaging, after the arrival of the wire rope, the rope wheel deformation, broken or apart form the wire rope on the rope round disorderly volume, crowded, bruising, or no moisture to form the serious corrosion and impact to the user. Produced the quality is the primary cause of: rope wheel manufacturer design thoughtless about strength, not according to the packing standard and the contract, delivery of parts according to the operation manual handling. Use and safekeeping of part is not in the correct way to store and packaging quality wire rope is as follows: loading and unloading of rope wheel broke, packing packing cloth tear not correct in the aperture of hoisting rope buckle in rope can't remove the loading and unloading, wooden shaft broke, wire rope broke loose wooden shaft broke, scattered formation damage of wire rope sheave no rope wheel strength no intensity, broke after forming disorderly volume warehouse to deal with severe disorders, heap the place warehouse for turbulence. Looks wire rope or wire damage they caused by touch with the outside hang, bruised, crushed injury, such as scratches or nail scars are collectively referred to as appearance damage, but in the process of production due to pressure die, pre variant or roller die of plastic deformation does not belong to the category of damage in appearance. Crushed: for strand is crushed, the deformation of wire rope, the rope strands of crushed. Rope and uneven deformation form lay length, increase stock clearance, clearance increases, hemp core, usually caused by falling transfer, external force touch up. Bruising: stocks after bruised, form hard curved convex hemp core, usually caused by transit. Hang injury: strand to be suspended after injury, uneven tightness; Void roll hang rope is serious injury, usually caused by scratches: in the process of producing such damage is the defects formed in the transport or loading and unloading, usually caused by transit.
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