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From raw materials on introduction to the analysis of the stainless steel net 316 _ article name shoulds not be too long _ wire mesh products co. , LTD

by:Candurs     2020-07-17
Stainless steel wire mesh is made by stainless steel 316 out of 316 products, so we can from the analysis on the original raw material product ingredients: gb 316 stainless steel plate, brand: 0 cr17ni12mo2316 stainless steel chemical composition P 0 or less. 035  S≤0. 03倪:10。 0 - 14. 0 Cr: 16。 0 - 18. 5月:2。 0 - 3. 0 from the point of view of product function: tensile strength ( Mpa) 620 MIN bending strength ( Mpa) 310 MIN elongation ( %) 30 MIN area shrink ( %) The density of 40 MIN316 stainless steel 8. 3 g/cm3, austenitic stainless steel are usually use this value 316 (chromium content %) 16 - - 18. Features: due to the increasing Mo, so its corrosion resistance, resistance to atmospheric corrosion and high temperature strength unique is good, can be applied under the condition of critical; Processing and strong rigid optimal ( No magnetic) ; High temperature strength outstanding; Solid solution form non-magnetic; Cold rolled product appearance good color and beautiful; Relative to 304 stainless steel, high value. 316 stainless steel because of the increasing Mo element, make its corrosion resistance, and high temperature strength, has a big rise, high temperature can reach 1200 - 1300 degrees, can be applied in critical conditions. In this paper, by the manufacturer, this paper views do not represent the views.
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