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a lot of people think that stainless steel net never rust stainless steel, in fact, good corrosion resistance of stainless steel. The reason is that the passive film is formed on the surface, it is a kind of oxide exists in nature in the form of a more stable. That is to say, through the use of stainless steel, but the condition is different, different oxidation degree, but was eventually oxidation, this phenomenon is often referred to as corrosion.
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suppose light objects, to be delivered in time we choose stainless steel net, smaller wires. Or mm diameter. Or. Mm line selection, assuming heavy transport objects larger choice wire diameter. Mm, number, and, for example. Mm,. Mm. Micron,. Mm, assumptions such as the delivery object is not too heavy, the selection of relatively thin pillar support assuming heavy cargo, it is necessary to increase the diameter of the supporting shaft.
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the first filter effect: it is made from white non-woven folding, folding part to expand, expand the pop-up area several times, filter area is large enough. Effect of air is used to filter out the larger particles. As the primary filter, can effectively prevent dust particles in the air into the body.
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filter degree of stainless steel wire mesh is when the use of stainless steel and stainless steel net as screen, can prevent most minimum diameter size solid particles, this is the stainless steel wire mesh filter. Wire mesh stainless steel square hole mesh is the degree of scale. The practice of grid scale value, directly affects the degree of filtering.
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there are two ways: plain weaving and twill weaving. Stainless steel heat, acid, corrosion resistance, wear resistance. Due to these characteristics, stainless steel wire mesh is widely used in mining, chemical industry, food, medicine, etc.
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benxi woven stainless steel wire mesh wire mesh stainless steel used in the brewing process. In the use of stainless steel wire mesh, using the operation of the nature of the stainless steel wire mesh is used to use some of the raw data quality wine worth it. Liquid induced aging function does not affect the nutrient any corrosion function, thus fully viscous extract has important function of value.
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screen production of large enterprise products type of grouping is decided by different sieve machine used in the production process. The screen is used to product the actual functionality of the material in the same numerical range produced by welding or knitting machine. Welded mesh.
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