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Eyelet Ends With Loose Ferrule-Rope Ferrule Mesh

Eyelet Ends With Loose Ferrule-Rope Ferrule Mesh
AISI/SUS 316 Stainless Steel
1 m2
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Border design is necessary for wire rope mesh dimension control and installation.

Eyelet Ends With Loose Ferrule Border Pattern

The most popular rope mesh border pattern design,suit all mesh opening and piece shape.offers high strength.the eyelet and loose ferrule are for lacing rope binding the mesh on frame.

Swage Eyelet

Aailable 316 stainless steel material.Manufactured by CNC machine.Meet 1mm,1.5mm,2mm,3mm single or double wire rope crimping.

Suit All Range Of Wire Rope Mesh

Suit the mesh opening from 20mm to 300mm.

 Opening (mm) Rope diameter
 OX x OH 1.0 mm 1.5 mm 2.0 mm 3.0 mm 
20 X 35 CD1020      
25 X 45 CD1025 CD1525    
35 X 60 CD1035 CD1535 CD2035  
40 X 70 CD1040 CD1540 CD2040 CD3040
50 X 90 CD1050 CD1550 CD2050 CD3050
60 X 105 CD1060 CD1560 CD2060 CD3060
70 X 120 CD1070 CD1570 CD2070 CD3070
80 X 140 CD1080 CD1580 CD2080 CD3080
100 X 175 CD10100 CD15100 CD20100 CD30100
120 X 210 CD10120 CD15120 CD20120 CD30120
160 X 280 CD10160 CD15160 CD20160 CD30160
180 X 310 CD10180 CD15180 CD20180 CD30180
200 X 350 CD10200 CD15200 CD20200 CD30200
250 x  450 CD10250 CD15250 CD20250 CD30250
300 x  520 CD10300 CD15300 CD20300 CD30300

Suit All Kinds Of Shape Rope Mesh

Eyelet border pattern is the most popular rope mesh border pattern,

Suit all kinds shape mesh,especially irregular shape.accurate dimension control.meet different application requirement.

Rope Mesh Rectangular Shape
Rope Mesh Triangular Shape
Rope Mesh Triangular
Rope Mesh Circle Shape
Rope Mesh Circle
Rope Mesh Irregular Shape
Rope Mesh Irregular

How To Mounte Rope Mesh !

First of all,binding four coner rope mesh on frame by cable tie,

Second,using lacing rope go through every small eye on eyelet and loose ferrule.


All stainless steel wire rope for mesh is made from South Korea, a well-known supplier all of world.

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