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Extend the life of the sieve method of ten

Extend the life of the screen the ten methods of

vibrating screen is widely used in stone production, metallurgy, refractory materials, coal, etc. Vibrating screen is not large equipment, but the failure frequency of vibrating screen is the supreme, the reason is that itself is a kind of vibration equipment for vibration force of science and use a product.
, the author analyzes the reasons of impact damage of vibrating sieve sieve too fast and the corresponding solutions.
  . Motor steering errors at the scene of the debugging when steering motor operators based on past experience with single axis vibrating screen or linear sieve, think just drilling cuttings go forward, but this method is not applicable to the elliptical vibrating screen. If the motor towards the medial rotation, wrongly, that mass ejection Angle is also & deg; , but there are cuttings rolling back the force, the drilling cuttings migration forward many slower speed, long stay on the screen, even lead to drilling cuttings can't discharge.

the solution: (1) screen box running, press the stop button of electric cabinet, the vibrating screen is slowly stopped, observe the small point on the side panel formed ellipse trajectory, when the vibrating screen is running to the sand mouth rolling for the correct steering; (2) the vibrator shield, check whether the apricot eccentric block to the lateral rotation; (3) transfer of arbitrary phase thread power feeder of the electric cabinet, screen mesh in sprinkle some sand, a row of sand at a faster rate is in the right direction.

  . Clay piling vibration amplitude is too small, under the condition of polymer drilling fluid is hard to screening, cannot effectively overcome cuttings ( Clay) The viscous force, lead to accumulation of drilling cuttings on the screen quickly damage the screen.

the solution: (1) increasing the vibration amplitude; (2) with spraying water sieve and cuttings, viscosity reducing drilling cuttings, but the occasion of this method is only suitable for allows you to add water; (3) to adjust the Angle of the row of sand sieve down to rely on gravity discharge cuttings, but may lead to run pulp; (4) replacement of screen mesh or adjusting the flow rate of the single screen to ensure that the drilling fluid flow check screen mesh point close to export, let cuttings in drilling fluid under the lubrication of successful eduction. ,

  . Screen and screen frame joint not compactly supported screen mesh strip after wear screen cannot reliably with contact; Screen without reasonable circulation.

  . Poor quality of sieve sieve generally have the stress of the upper screen layer and lower layer, tightly between the layers, if mesh pre tensioning technology is poor, when stress layer at the bottom of screen mesh taut, sieve layered not taut, greatly reduce drilling cuttings of throwing force at work, can't discharge drilling cuttings.
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