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Exactly what are the applications for wire rope net

Passive slope fence to accurately measure the length of wire rope net piece, the first thing to know passive slope fence any stretch, at the time of measurement should be the first to passive fence uniform slope regularly, then slowly tensile strength steel wire net, know that every job in the mesh when the Angle between the wire rope for right Angle, then every four side of the mesh is equal, so each mesh will take on the shape of square, in this kind of tension measurement under the condition of each mesh of the distance between two nodes, the results of data is the size of the mesh, namely we often say that the wire rope net net long, but if the fence is passive slope, is to measure the length of the mesh. Accurately measure the length of wire mesh to the correct calculation of unit weight of the steel wire rope net, such ability make passive slope fence specifications for more accurate. Wire rope net is finding wider and wider application in the field of decoration and the construction sector, on the two side, Seine basketball football field, square, around the theme of the large hotels, cafes and other leisure places partition, stair handrail, etc. Stainless steel wire net can replace these places used building metope, guardrail WangWeiLan products used because of its unique advantages. It is not easy to be destroyed, and not easy to rust, many roads and parks with stainless steel wire rope as a barrier. Stainless steel rope net USES: zoo, zoo, Marine parks and other similar environment of animal cages, bird nets, animal fence and garden decoration and construction and retrofit. Many also used for sports, acrobatics, home decoration, construction decoration, safety protection and other fields. I plant production of cable network is more and more attention and favor. Welcome to inquire, to visit our factory.
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