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Enjoy life casting character, life character

Personal character, the quality of the people, the person's character.

good personality is not to say that it can be done by their own stature of real enhancement to the embodiment of the nature. Character is based on honesty, personality is the embodiment of the quality of a person, is also a man of principle, from ideological level assessment, including the ideological, moral, culture are three main aspects. From the definition in this paper, the reluctant, I'm afraid, the key is we usually criteria. How we judge a person's character, mainly through its behavior and value orientation, way. Compared with the direct evaluation of the idea, the behavior is more intuitive and speech, and the resulting results. So, what is the standard of judging someone, someone is just in the traditional sense of the moral and common sense of values. Such as respect for others, helping others, and so on. All in all, a person to do things, feel no matter from the moral conscience or feel ok, but also can get other people, especially the opposite person's recognition, is good. After all: at the beginning of the people, this is good.
it is often said that prior do
be: honest good brave sincere magnanimous tolerance, oneself do not want done to yourself. F:
do know since Ming and self-control self-discipline, self-respect, self-confidence self-renewal, consciously sober.

it's character has an explanation: what is character? The dictionary explanation: the quality of the people, the person's appearance.
in fact: character was the brand of men.
is the same as the brand goods, personality is one of the brand image, it also play every minute of his own 'brand effect'. This is personal character is effect; 'Away', 'people hated', 'widespread indignation and discontent' is a side effect of character.
everybody consciously or unconsciously to shape their own character, we usually build yourself, a husband and wife, to love care; Human children, filial duty; People's practice, be loyal dedication; A friend, be sincere friendship; In business, be honest and trustworthy, do not harm a person selfish; The officer, 'morality should be reasonably, not obsessed with power. People is such a little, one by one, and accumulated a good performance, purify the soul. , shaping the character.
successfully build character, must first have a strong sense of brand. , start from every little thing, not to small to evil, not in the good little. Because people judge a person's character, often from a little thing, a details. From the external phenomenon, can spy on to a person's inner world, so there are 'the view'. To do a bad thing can destroy the image of a person, sometimes, some subtle lax indulgence, will also have incalculable consequences. As a result, people skills, informal section, is also a reflection of the lack of brand awareness.
build character, moral accomplishment is man who plays the decisive role of culture, power is perseverance and patience, not only to have a small bites of the space, also need time to insist for a long time, it takes time: a lifetime. Process is very important, we just have to try to do, we will be able to get harvest.
so, create your own character, not too tired too bitter, too not worth?
no! Want to know, build character for life to pay for the people, he is also a good personal character of lifelong benefit.
'this is good people, good! 'Is their brand of the brightest and the most abundant capital.
somebody in summary for success, eq is more important than IQ. Personality is the cornerstone of emotional intelligence. If a person lacks good personality, always let a person behind his back, pointing to a spine, his eq is absolutely couldn't get on.
it is often said, want to do things, first, that is the weight of the character.
a life, personality all in himself, you can choose not to create famous brand, but at least should not hang up the black card for yourself.
in the life journey, we can stick to this tenet: life casting character, enjoy life character.
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