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Doors and Windows of building art in the history of our country have more than three thousand years ago, now we more and more about the function of the doors and Windows, function demand is higher and higher. Window is god to let's open the skylight to the beautiful world, illustrate the doors and Windows in the building as early on to characters. Just now, window screens which has been widely used, window screen hard-edged on earth is one of the doors and Windows? Considering the environment of comfort and practicality of many families can consider equipment window with gauze. Let's take a look at how the function of it? What can prevent mosquito and ventilation sorching summer, most - - Mosquitoes. Summer, the temperature is higher, the days residential area is the most simple breed mosquitoes, mosquito bother, if any, have opened the door and window is inevitably locked doors and Windows, hot weather is expected frowsty bad people, even if indoor air conditioning, also need to open a window ventilated take a breath. Many people like kind of flowers on the balcony to purify air beautify the environment, but more simple incur mosquito and the glass door opened, king kong gateway, can constitute a good air convection chamber list, don't have to worry the mosquitoes into the interior. Gauze open method: flat open and push pull, push flattening one-piece, flat yarn net suitable space is large, low floor house ( Convenience) 。 Push-pull gauze appropriate with tall buildings, high floor ( Security) Flattening open integration gauze is concave and convex floor (right A security device) Gauze in addition to the ventilation mosquitoes can also avoid the wind wastes or sundries into the room, doing moderate isolation, make household environment more clean, more conducive to health. Can have many security guard against theft that occupy the home to be on the safe side, will choose equipment. But can only be fixed, let you open the Windows at the permanent will have a grid around the corner. And king kong gauze wouldn't, king kong yarn network flexibility if you want to cut is not so simple, is a good way to guard against theft. It is equivalent to the window part of the stack, but can turn over, let vision without isolation, window frame is aluminum alloy production, adding anti pry hinges or set in push-pull trajectory, play must guard against theft.
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