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Dongguan stainless steel wire mesh

Dongguan stainless steel net impact of the most popular resistance to shock protection, fire prevention, specifications, the mosquitoes. Durable household heating cooling, such as high, combination of stainless steel wire mesh, burning people, strong toughness, high and beautiful luxuriant appearance color samples, stainless steel wire mesh can be practical way way natural trend rate and unearthed illumination light. Stainless steel mesh fire according to the network, by the steel wire products internal chemical, stainless steel net as sprayed cuisine to realize satisfy processing implemented to meet to meet to processing, color are ( Black, silver and other colors) 。 Stainless steel wire mesh dark outfit on the aluminum regulation, make them rubber steel into an organic whole. The stainless steel net, inside buildings, aluminum strip used for, luxuriant and easy. Truly describes the fire, according to, building ventilation, three one. Stainless steel wire mesh and then and lifesaver escape trouble without blocking and disappear. Carries forward the phenomenon play state of cleaning, you need to rag to clean elegant together. Stainless steel wire mesh used weeks long, to 15 For 50 years. Dongguan stainless steel net top ten function dongguan high-speed beware: stainless steel net disposing the commonness, fire persecution or rats, snakes, flies, mosquitoes and other invasion of still life. Dongguan stainless steel net protection as falling objects: tumor fat won't need to follow the regulation, stainless steel wire mesh and make the old man often or naughty children installation does not develop the phenomenon in the state of play at a high speed. Dongguan golden stainless steel net stealth partition: no block, disappear no feeling, no sense of boredom, home maintenance free human sometimes. Dongguan stainless steel net advantages to facilitate escape: control the square resistance to play against the bar, the fire hazards such as alloy, simple family easy to quickly on the spot.
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