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Wire mesh is made of low carbon steel wire, medium carbon steel wire, high carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire weaving materials may be welded into the floorboard of the mesh data. Production process are: general type woven modelling, embossing weave modelling and spot welding. Mainly steel wire as material, through professional equipment processing reticulate, therefore calls wire mesh. Steel plate mesh is a metal screen career type. Also called metal mesh, diamond wire mesh, iron wire mesh, metal expansion network, heavy steel plate net, pedal mesh, perforated plate & # 39; Aluminum plate mesh, stainless steel net, granary, antenna wire mesh, filter mesh, the difference between where the acoustics meshes, etc? 1, tolerance, steel net is plate processing, steel mesh wire, relatively the strength of the steel plate net, pass some 2, steel plate net basically is the diamond hole, the cause of the wire mesh for preparation of pass is square or rectangle. : 3, use steel mesh and wire mesh is more commonly used in construction and protection, but due to the strength of the steel plate mesh is bigger, so in heavy machinery, pedal, escalators, walkways and other local mostly use is steel net 4, steel plate net because it is made up of a plate processing, its silk stems are connected; Wire mesh, wire mesh is compiled, so there is no connection is the essence. 5, steel plate net is composed of plate by stamping cutting machine; Wire mesh is made by wire, steel wire through the machine establishment.
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