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Devon community in two malicious person, a created & other; Stainless steel wire section & throughout; Another fear even Cao Yun jindu -

Squad now the Devon community mahoganypanelled splendour, many disciples of the guo degang can acquire the in cross talk. Although the Devon community of negative news is also occasionally greeted, but for now the home of big guo degang these are tinkering around the edges, that is not matter. Beijing, guo degang when he was young to make a living SanJin Devon community in running time three things always let oneself. The first thing is 06 years in order to suppress crosstalk counterparts like Devon community theater has launched 'the vulgar event', put forward to the crosstalk in the 'vulgar', 'vulgar' and 'vulgar' boycott and depress, directed at the most audience Devon community. The peers of guo degang, also influenced the creation inspiration of guo degang, so at that time, guo degang created many irony of cross talk. The second thing is the apprentice Li Hebiao attack, attack in August 2010 to Devon community to shutter its operations for directly, also let Li Hebiao became a malicious person of Devon community. Li Hebiao is the shandong people, folk is a cook, in their efforts to open a restaurant. After he who loved to listen to the crosstalk thoughts of the said crosstalk, at this moment is to catch up with Devon community is hiring. Focused Li Hebiao after transfer of the restaurant, enter oneself for an examination, cloud crosstalk older class, set foot on the road to the pursuit of crosstalk. At that time have the same idea with Li Hebiao crosstalk enthusiasts is numerous, so the Devon community arranged the test in this aspect, ability to look at you all the best. Li Hebiao took out prepared 'mouth', because of its skilled performances by the exam officer's consistent high praise. Helpless when the exam of so many people, the outside has some mountain man outside, Li Hebiao was eventually better people brush down. 'This' Li Hebiao after the sullen, cheerful young people after the back door looking at those who were admitted, suddenly overturned cruet stand in my heart, squatting at the door crying. Maybe it was Lord love, destined to Li Hebiao can't simply failed. The last out of the saw is tears Li Hebiao wang hui, a soft heart let Li Hebiao in Devon community, let him in the kitchen helper. This is god for Li Hebiao opened a window, and he was grateful to Devon community as well, then a preacher kun finally entered the dream, cloud study class, become a member of the Devon community. Reigning Devon community and appears on television, the feast at that time, in August 2010, a group of reporters carrying cameras citing 'encroach on public green space' threatening to guo degang villa, with guo degang apprentice, you pushed me up the conflict between removing. And some action during Li Hebiao by reporters to use camera to capture, then caused the public opinion. Devon community thus stop business operations for rectification, many fans support during consolidation gives great confidence, the guo degang gratitude to fans he will be on September 12, playback of the day is set to 'stainless steel wire section. For the Li Hebiao, guo degang said many times in the crosstalk of keen for him. Through this incident, and the performance of the two disciples to guo moved, that is jereny and Li Hedong brothers. Two men are brothers, and later due to the death of his father, mother and mother fell ill, make originally wealthy family financially. During this time the two brothers saw through the fickleness of the world, also let Li Hedong formed the xi wu's aggressive personality, a strong-willed man. Early years jereny coincidence worship into the guo degang door, at his request brother Li Hedong later joined the Devon community, and because he was a suit Jiang Huqi guo degang recognition, abnormality of his son. Because of a masculinity in Devon community background Li Hedong dubbed 'social' east, social people pay attention to righteousness, mother seriously ill guo many times to help them two brothers have to mind. Incident to Devon community suffered unprecedented crisis, two brothers Li Hedong privately find master guo degang, two people are willing to sell house demolition a to help Devon community survive, but the guo degang declined. Although rejected two brothers kindness, guo degang RenXiao them all in the mind. Often to the two brothers high praise in the show. The third incident was Cao Yunjin make birthday party in 2011, though it didn't August event of crisis, but the harm to the guo degang is the deepest. Cao Yunjin talent is the most valued and most guo degang crosstalk disciple, became famous after he was very expansion arrogance, when to exit the Devon community on guo's birthday party breaks guo's heart. The birthday party and all the disciples gathered, guo degang specially arranged Cao Yunjin seat on his table, visible Cao Yunjin position in his heart. But at this point the Cao Yunjin secretly determined, not only not scold the teacher younger brother also get table. Have a happy birthday feast was Cao Yunjin no happy. But Cao Yunjin except to reprimand Li Hedong in the table, although visible Cao Yunjin martial arts from the bottom of my heart, but fear Li Hedong, Li Hedong can not spoil him. Then under the gaze of guo degang, Cao Yunjin bow down in the master and close Sir Zhong, out of the Devon community. Also on this day, guo degang sang the most visceral 'weiyang palace' in his life. Have to say Li Hedong and Li Hebiao is, indeed, Devon community two 'malicious', but their 'malicious' embodies in maintaining the Devon community, though it is hard, but it is a good disciple guo degang.
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