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Due to the severe economic recession inhibits infrastructure projects, steel and stainless steel wire and wire mesh shopping mall usually into a downturn. Instead, the mall is very lively. Sandvik company has noticed that high value-added products market has improved, especially the power category with some of the pipes and steel products. It claims the company has received from the discharge of large order filters with fine wire there are two orders from India, the amount of
100 million kronor respectively. Steel wire, In this article include cable, wire, spring wire, welding wire) Wide range of USES, should first out of the trough. According to incomplete statistics, wire drawing products such as wire, cable, tension structure, spring, spokes, instrument, medical equipment, transport belt, jewelry, rope wire, cold heading steel wire, cut wire, nails, chain, wall anchor, basket, wire electrode, carts, surround screen and screen, as shown in figure 1 to 3. No matter from corrosion resistant, heat resistant, from beautiful, health into consideration, these categories cannot leave the stainless steel. In recent years, steel wire and wire mesh will be used in power, construction and welding roughly. 2 new products Sandvik company launched a new alloy used in the oil and gas industry, Sandvik SAF
3207 hd. This kind of alloy steel pipe not only can make, also can make string length of 10000 meters of cable - Steel wire, used to repair, the well monitoring and carrying things to downhole appearance. In the high chloride environment, the corrosion resistance of the alloy is superior to the Sanicro 26 mo, and Sanicro 36 mo. The PRE value of 48 ( Between the Sanicro
26 between mo and Sanicro 36 mo) Due to super dual phase steel. Apply to the temperature over 500 ℃ high temperature gas well and geothermal well. Sandvik has developed a new is used to produce spring wire of low nickel austenite steel LoniflexTM. The tensile strength of the steel grade and AISI302, EN1. 4310 is the same, but, nickel content was cut in half. Its PRE value is relatively high, is suitable for the production of spray, pharmaceuticals, oxygen respirator and auto parts. 3 wire is developing new wire further convenient for duplex stainless steel welding. 选择- - - Arc company developed two kinds of resistance to pitting corrosion, intergranular corrosion and stress cracking of duplex stainless steel electrode: SelectAlloy2209 - And 2553 - C AP。 SelectAlloy
2209 - C is a metal core wire for welding cr - 22 9 ni - 2Mo- N type duplex stainless steel and SelectAlloy
- 2553 The AP is flux core, omni-directional welding with electrode, calibration of the alloy content is 25. 5%Cr,9. 5%Ni,3. 5%Mo,0. 15%Cu。 Chloride in water has a strong corrosion resistance. Another new product is Arcos Arcos2209 industrial company, is used for welding 22% Cr duplex stainless steel, 2205. Arcos
2209 bare wire ( ER2209) And coated electrode ( E2209) Are resistant to intergranular corrosion, pitting corrosion and stress corrosion cracking of the function, the hydrogen sulfide corrosion resistance and chloride environment is particularly prominent. Lincoln eventually
Electric company introduced six kinds of stainless steel welding flux core wire: UltraCore FC and FCP 308 l, UltraCore FC and FCP309L UltraCore
FC and FCP 316 l. 4 containing the street building and infrastructure construction of public building category excitation announced many creative use of steel wire and wire mesh. Whether it's in order to keep out sunshine, still is to make the outside walls of the glittering, stainless steel wire mesh can make the appearance of the building material is more colorful. In the use of other functions, can be used in wall stress of the anchor bolt, Bridges and buildings combine with supporting wire rope and the balcony fence netting. Use many instances of this line. Stalok British company use the stainless steel wire rope for building item sling, similar to a tent or umbrella, sling makes building things look pretty open. Australian residence around the tower liao observatory is equipped with stainless steel wire mesh fence, to be both safe and do not break the view function. A Melbourne shopping center also USES the stainless steel wire, the company will be lighting hanging on the wire. Above the lamp is to increase the adornment effect of the rope net. Germany's two product is expected to change graphics and text display in public places. GKD( 以Kufferath。
AG) The Illumesh ® is made up of stainless steel wire mesh and the interlacing half lit LED tube net surface, through the computer control of light source on the sculpture and public building form a picture. GKD and AG4
media curtain wall company has also developed Mediamesh ® media curtain wall - — Bright stainless steel wire mesh and the integration of LED tube, as shown in figure 4. Steel wire in the building industry, however, the development of the most exciting is the launch of the colorful steel wire, changed the monochrome picture of stainless steel, make the curtain wall, shopping malls, display, or bracelet any hope visible place can present a vivid color. Colorful, there are many kinds of steel wire products, colorful nylon coated stainless steel wire, stainless steel wire, polyurethane of bright colored polyurethane coating stainless steel wire, colored stainless steel wire, coating moire, lit polyethylene coated stainless steel wire. GKD has also developed the uv corrosion resistant coating flat wire, has launched a variety of colorful silk screen product now.
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